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RPG: Fantasy - Page 75 - PING!... - By Dragonblaze - Overview
"Yes, just keep looking deep into my eyes. They sooth you, yes? They make you soft, calm. You wish to relax. They will help you relax. Just keep watching, keep staring."

Keep staring. Just keep watch-Wait, no! You can't let this thing… what… what was wrong… just… keep staring, right?

"Put all your trust in your mistress. She shall look after you. And in return…" the raptor paused, "…you will serve me forever."


Your mouth curled into a big smile, completely dumbed up by the hypnotic spell. You are hypnotised! The raptor stepped off you, letting you push yourself up. "Thank you, Mistress. I shall serve you forever." You reply, voice monotone and submissive.

Current Stats;
Hp: 10.
Nonlethal Hp: 9.
Mp: ???.
Str: 10.
Dex: 12.
Con: 12.
Int: 10.
Wis: 10.
Cha: 10.
Sp: 15.
Status Ailments: Hypnotised!
Current Weapon: none.
Direction: Northeast.
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