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Desteria College of Vore - Page 1 - Desteria College of Vore - By zarachrest1 - Overview
Welcome to Desteria College of Vore. Here you will be taught everything you need to know to be able to function in the world of Desteria. For the next 4 years this will be your home until you either graduate as an A+ predator or as an extra layer of fat on a student or teacher's ass.

DCoV prides itself on being one of the best colleges dedicated to teaching the art of vore to the next generation of human predators and their food.

Now allow me to go over the rules for you:
1. This is a human only college so anyone found hiding or smuggling monster girls or anthros onto the campus will be joining the headmistress for lunch.
2. Acts of vore are allowed to be committed anywhere on campus at anytime, however if doing so causes a distraction during your classes then it is up to your current teacher to decide your punishment.
3. Anyone caught trying to eat teachers or in the process of digesting a teacher will be punished by the headmistress personally. If you manage to keep it hidden then there is no way we can punish you.
4. The staff room is off limits to anyone outside of a teacher's body unless they have been sent there by a member of staff or are planning to be a teacher's lunch.
5. If your food is causing you trouble go to the nurse to get some digestion pills. We don't want you making a mess by regurgitating your food in the halls or classrooms.
6. If you have unbirthed someone go to the nurse regularly until they are released so she can make sure you are having a healthy pregnancy. If you plan on regressing your passenger back to a baby then inform the headmistress and give her the student's name and then regularly see the nurse so she can help you through your pregnancy.

Now that we have gotten all of that out of the way let's begin with your enrolment.

Firstly what is your gender?
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