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Monster Hunted - Page 1 - Monster Hunted - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Monster Hunted!

This story has you, the reader, attempting to survive in a dangerous new land recently discovered in the world of Monster Hunter. (And no, it is not the New World)

The monsters of this land are very dangerous, more than what you would expect. They will try to knock you out, and I don't think your Palico will be able to spare you from some more… frightening monsters.

The rules;

No M/M or F/F.
No Hard Vore. Still don't know what it is. Probably won't, which is possibly a good thing.
Stick to Monster Hunter versus Monster. No otherworldly stupid stuff unless it is reasonable (like a FFXIV Behemoth).
Be warned, there may be some hypnosis involved. The Hunter is not going to get a good time in basically 90% of the situations. Though that does depend on your depiction of a good time.

Anyway, on to the story!

You take your first step onto the strange new land after a LONG voyage across the ocean. It had been months, almost a year even, since you left the Old World, and now here you are. Ready to take on a new world.

You gathered your things and aided the researchers and hunters in setting up the base of operations. Days passed before you slumped down into your bed in your new room after long hours of hard work. Things were getting interesting now. A few hunters had yet to return from their hunts, and people have only just started getting worried. Reports indicated the monsters in this land, although not apparently different to those encountered in the Old World, and the New World according to those from the Research Commission who came back to the Guild, they were seemingly more intelligent. Once, a hunter had not returned from a hunt, but only earlier today they came back without their Palico and weapon, having had to live off the land like a tribal man after a monster had managed to turn his own trap against him.

With this disturbing report, Hunters were recommended away from using traps, although they were not forbidden from using them.

You were considering going out on a hunt soon. So you prepared yourself. 5 potions, 5 antidotes, a whetstone, 3 raw meat ready for cooking, and a few traps, just in case. You never know. Finally, you left off.

What weapon are you using?
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