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The Princess's Adventure - Page 1 - The Princess's Adventure - By Milkyme - Overview
On a night like any other...

The Great King Rosas sits upon his mighty throne speaking with his advisers and sipping from his goblet.
"-And what of the northern lands?" questioned the wizened old king.
The head adviser swallowed his saliva and turn his head to the king.
"Orbithan Castle has fallen to the evil sorceress Mila. We believe she intends to conquer the realm, but none of our messengers have returned from her lair, but something must be done, the sky grows dark and the winds go still. Evil beasts swarm in your demesne and demons walk the earth."
Fury fills the kings eyes and he shouts.
"Damn woman! I'll not let my Kingdom go to waste and especially not to some two-bit summoner! Tommorow I shall ride out to Orbithan to slay this witch!"
The Adviser nods and moves out to make the proper preparations...

In the tallest tower of the castle...
"Daddy is leaving? Honestly and truthfully?"
A young woman of no older than nineteen inquisitively asks her maid, her brilliant red hair bouncing atop her head.
"Uh, yes my princess, but you are not to leave the castle I will not have it! The King has specifically ordered you to stay put! He'd have my head if anything were to befall you!"

This young woman is the protagonist of this story. Her name is Violetta Rosas princess and only heir to Kingdom, for her mother died during childbirth. The night of her birth was exceptionally special for she was born under a special star, gifting her with peerless magical ability.
However her Father forbid her from training and her only knowledge of the arcane is from what she had learned in the library and from trial and error. Long has she hoped for an opportunity to escape from her confinement and have a real adventure like her father had done in his youth, though her father has forbidden her leave from the castle.

She has shoulder length brilliant red hair, and her eyes are a crystal clear light blue. She isn't very tall and has a little bit of pudge on her body. Her breast are of medium size.

"Oh fine, by the Gods you are always such a worrywart. Fine, I'll continue to rot in this cell of a room for the rest of my life."

The passes and the King leaves with a band of knights to siege Castle Orbithian...

"-Like hell im staying here, nows my only chance to have some fun."

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