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Slaves Of Drakelor - Page 1 - Slaves of Drakelor - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Slaves Of Drakelor!

You are one, of MANY, slaves that live within the lair of a powerful black dragon, who goes by the name of Drakelor. Like practically all of the other slaves, you were captured by the dragon when you were alone, and you have no memory of how he managed to capture you and take you to his lair. All you remember is looking at his eyes, and then you wake up for the first time in a cage. You don't even know how long it has been since you were enslaved.

You are a slave in Drakelor's Lair. The goal is not as clear cut as other adventures you may have done. Your success depends on your definition of success. You can escape from the lair, become a full slave to Drakelor, or something else may happen. Either way, if you get a "Start Over", it is considered a Game Over and is not a true "Ending".

The rules are as follows;
You are the only one related to you in the lair. No family stuff.
No Hard Vore. Once more, don't know, don't want.
No M/M or F/F.
Proper grammar and spelling.
No stupid stuff, this is a reasonable story, keep it understandable. (To a point, when it comes to fantasy, obviously)

For now, those are the rules.

Good luck!

You shuffle around in your cage. The silver bracers on your arms and legs, while metallic, do not conduct and do not absorb heat. Nor are they uncomfortable. You suspect that magic is to blame for this.

What happens now?
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