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Daily Life of Shouta and Lucoa - Page 1 - Daily Life of Shouta and Lucoa - By thicceater - Overview

It was a Saturday morning at the Magatsuchi house.
A rather calm morning as well.
As per usual, the first one to awake is the adorable young wizard in training Shouta.
Though he's also usually the last one out of bed as a certain HEAVY presence keeps him from getting up. That presence being the perverted familiar goddess Lucoa.
She always loves to snuggle up and smother that young boy, sometimes doing so even in her sleep.
It was once quite annoying to the young mage, but he grew used to her displays of affections.
So how should the day for our adorable pair go. starting with them in bed together?

(Literally anything goes for this one: F/M, M/F, non-vore kinks, naughty stuff, willing or unwilling)
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