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Daily Life of Shouta and Lucoa - Page 7 - A regular Kiss - By thicceater - Overview
Slowly, Shouta lands his smooth little lips onto Lucoa's own, giving her a gentle kitten kiss. It was steady and intimate, the boy coos as he feels her warmth wash over him. Shouta relaxes his eyes, basking in the big kiss.

Slowly, he releases himself from the good morning kiss to his goddess, and was met with a loving smile by the goddess herself.

"Oh honey-"

Lucoa sheepishly moves her arms around Shouta, bundling him and capturing him in a deeper kiss. The boy quietly squeaked at her sudden cuddle, but accepted it contently, moaning silently as they share in each other's love, finally being released from the kiss.

"G-Good morning Lucoa." The boy says shyly.

"Good morning Shouta-baby, I see you're a little feisty today. Anything you want to do special this morning?"
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