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Fantasy Troubles - Page 1 - Fantasy Troubles - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Fantasy Troubles!

The setting is simple, yet the story itself may not be so easy to grasp. You are just a simple citizen in a prosperous kingdom. However, recently trouble has been occurring in the more treacherous parts of the land. You decided it would do some good for the people if you went and took care of things yourself.

The goal of the story is simple. Save the kingdom. However, whichever way you "win" depends on what you consider to be right. But, if you get an ending that has "Start Over" or "Game Over", it's a Game Over, it is not a true ending. "The End" signals that it is a true ending. Whether it is a good ending or not is up to you.

The rules are;

No Hard Vore.
No family issues. (For the sake of this rule, your character will be living alone)
Proper grammar and wording.
Reasonable story that is legitimate. No stupid stuff. Keep it legit.

For now that should be it.

Have fun, and good luck!

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