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StarFox Vore - Page 1 - Character Selection - By FatalTragedy2004 - Overview
Welcome to the world of StarFox vore. The animals of StarFox have a secret that has been kept from the gaming audience. That secret is that each and every character has the ability to swallow each other whole, or the desire to be inside the stomach of someone who carries the ability...and even both. But who's story will you follow?

A few notes: There are certain characters that I do not like romantically linked with another, namely Fox McCloud and Krystal. Before the selection of either Fox or Krystal, I will be posting an option for a homosexual Fox, or a heterosexual Fox.

Only soft oral vore is allowed
Digestion is allowed but not really prefered
Cooking is allowed (Non-fatal)
Sex is allowed
No Humans
No killing of Fox, I hate reading about it
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