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Realms Of Wonder - Page 1 - Realms Of Wonder - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Realms Of Wonder!

Realms Of Wonder has you as one out of many different species adventure through a land of wonder, one where fantasy mixes with slight modern and many fictional settings. The ending to your story is how you see fit, whether good or bad. And perhaps, a Game Over isn't truly a "Game Over", but instead may let you decide to continue on afterwards. One thing's for sure; you are going to explore a land filled with excitement, in many more ways than one for sure!

The rules are as follows;

No Hard Vore.
No severely inappropriate content.
Proper grammar and phrasing.
Keep the story legit and understandably realistic, to a point. (cause it is fantasy)

That's it for rules.

However, there are some rules that must be followed for a tale being told in this Interactive Story. Here they are;

If you are creating a new species for a new story, describe it first. Get an idea and put it into words. Remember the primary rules. (That basically is me telling you to NOT PUT BOOBS EVERYWHERE! Make them understandable, don't go crazy, and DEFINITELY NOT make them the size of baseball fields (which is pretty much 99% of the size of boobs that everyone makes ANYWHERE, on the internet or not))

When creating a new monster, get an idea for what you want the monster to be and describe it. Again, refer to the primary rules to keep it real. (What I ACTUALLY don't complain about is seeing any kind of monster from an already created setting, such as Dungeons & Dragons or Dragon's Dogma, for example any monster that exists in the D&D Monster Manuel, or a harpy from Dragon's Dogma, perhaps an Evil Eye, or a Gorechimera or Archydra from the same game. What I do want is information; explain what it is. I also appreciate knowing what it looks like, so make sure you name it correctly. If you do, I can possibly be able to get an idea of what it looks like from an image on a search engine through images. Just make sure you describe it. Don't just say a new monster's name and leave it there.

When creating a new character for an already existing species (that includes a species you just made yourself), describe the character. Get an idea and put it to words.

When creating a "Game Over", make sure to place a "Start Over.", minus the quotation marks. And, if it makes sense to let the story continue on, place a Start Over if there isn't already one, and place a "Continue On!…", minus the quotation marks, and set the story on afterwards. (e.g. You were transformed unwillingly into a deer and you now have the mind of a deer. You can place a Start Over, but you can choose to place a Continue On!… and have the story continue to follow the character, now transformed, physically and mentally, into a deer)

When you create a proper "ending", explain the ending through. Then, at the end of the ending's description, place a "The End.", minus the quotation marks, as the final paragraph.

Make sure any "Start Over." or "The End." choices revert back to the very first page of the story. Not this page, the page after.

Speaking of this page, don't create a new story on this page here. This is just a rule page. The setting will be explained next page, excluding the rules for the story (mostly cause, well, there's a lot of rules, and it will be a long page, so this gets rid of some unnecessary hassle).

Anyway, good luck and have fun!
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