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Gluttonous Girl - Page 1 - Gluttonous Girl - By skullcrusheramk - Overview
It was a beautiful summer day out in the open forest. The sun had just risen not too long ago, warming the cooled air and waking many of the different creatures about.

One such creature was a young Cow girl who was softly sleeping against a tree. She was just 6' tall (1.82 meters) with small bovine horns protruding from her head, her body covered in black and white fur. She was a rather chubby girl, though by no means fat, just has a bit more for people to love. She appeared to be around 20 or maybe 21 years of age. Of course she was also completely nude, exposing her large DD breasts to the world along with her snatch as well as a little something extra between her legs.

She stretched as the sun beamed into her eyes, opening her eyes very slowly and covering the suns rays with her hand.

"Alright I'm up."

She would say to herself as she slowly sat up against the tree, stretching her arms and then her legs. Finally shaking her head to wake herself up completely before looking around.

All around her she was surrounded by forest, many different trees surrounding her, many different feral critters wandering about. As she looked around a loud groan would interrupt her train of thought, the origin of it being her stomach. Seems the poor girl is hungry.

"Sounds like it's time to get some breakfast."

She would say to herself, looking around for possible options.

There was plenty of grass and other vegetation around she could probably eat, she is a cow afterall. However there was also an abundance of small animals such as squirrels, birds, and even the occasional rabbit. Though by far the most tempting option was juat st the corner of her vision.

Almost out of sight was a bright red tent that some of the people from the city use when they sleep outside. The girl licked her lips as she imagined how it would taste having somebody wriggling down her throat and digesting in her stomaches.
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