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Lost In The Spider Dungeon - Page 1 - Lost In The Spider Dungeon - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Lost In The Spider Dungeon!

In this story, you are trapped in a massive cavern, with no memory of anything before waking up. You must find your way out of this place, before something terrible befalls you.

In this interactive story, you must find your way out of this dungeon. It should go without saying that there are spiders in this place, and they will ALL try to wrap you up! Each time you are wrapped up, depending on which paths you have taken, what spider you encountered, and whether or not you have been wrapped up before, you may find yourself stuck forever! Some spiders won't let you escape even if it is your first time caught. Some may even toy with you! As for whether or not you want to escape, that's your choice.

The rules;
No Hard Vore.
No M/M or F/F.
Proper grammar & spelling.
Try to be as creative and descriptive of any scenes involving web as possible, especially if there is a lot and/or if there is a spider involved.

That should be it.

Good luck!

You shake your head to clear the strange, soft buzz echoing in your head.

You have been awake here for only a few minutes, and you still can't figure out what happened to you. You can hardly remember anything before waking up. All you know is that you are in a cave, and you are almost naked.

You can hardly remember what gender you are.

(Select your gender. This can determine your fate, depending on what spider you encounter and if you are caught by it. This won't affect how easily you escape from web. It may affect the ending, however)
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