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Travelling with Asenath - Page 17 - Head north... - By AlimentaryArtist - Overview
Your wandering fingers slide further up her torso to her chest. You find it remarkably flat, perhaps even moreso than you'd hoped, but when your fingers glide over her small perky nipples you feel a shiver race up your spine and you smile to yourself, quite pleased at your own daring. She stirred a bit in her sleep and you froze wondering if you were about to be caught,but it seemed luck was on your side as she just shifted a bit and continued sleeping.

Not wanting to push your luck too far you let your hand rest there for a moment feeling her chest expand as she breathed, and you could even feel her heartbeat which you thought was awfully slow though you'd heard it could be for athletes and the like and she was certainly very athletic. As the initial shock of almost being discovered wore off you began to wonder what else you could get away with while she slept...
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