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Flame Princess and Finn - Page 1 - A rude wake up - By ColdStrike - Overview
Within the dark red and orange walls of the Fire Kingdom, its ruler slept peacefully within her bed, a small, happy smile on her face. She had been single for awhile now, dumping Finn long years ago for his actions. She was a queen. Her people came first. No questions. She would not abandon her kingdom to go date a boy who hurt her feelings. And to be honest with herself, that was the best choice she ever made.

Under her bright red covers was her nude body, a preference of hers after wearing the heavy armour all day. She slept peacefully, breathing gently as morning slowly approached.

Suddenly her rooms door slams open, making the queen jump awake with a scream. She quickly grabs her covers and pull them up to hide anything private from the intruder's view. She glares at the person who had stormed in. Finn. He was wearing a humongous smile, though it quickly drops as his eyes lock onto hers. "Oh... Hello Flame Princess! I thought you would be awake by now!"

"I'm not. So what are you doing, barging into my room this early!? Unannounced!?" She snaps, her anger at being woken up showing. She was never a morning person.

Finn awkwardly rubs the back of his neck, blushing so heavily that it shows through the flame shield he was forced to wear. "Well... I was just wondering... If you would... Like to hang later?" He inquires, making Flame Queen's eyes twitch in annoyance. Her expression becomes one of anger, frightening Finn as he was about to escape into the corridors behind him.

Yet, Flame Queen suddenly sighs, the anger seemingly washing away with it. "Finn..." She starts quietly, catching the hero's attention,

"Y-yes FP!?" He asks semi hopeful.

"Could you close the door and come in?"

"Sure!" He hurriedly slams the door shut, joyfully taking steps into the centre of the room, unaware of the smirk coming from Flame Queen.

"Good... Actually could you come a little closer?" He takes a few steps towards her bed and freezes, making Flame Queen giggle before she taps the empty space next to her on her bed. Finn blushes, but nervously walks forward, coming right next to her before sitting down in the large, comfy bed fit for a king or queen. "Better. Now Finn..."

"Yes FP?" He asks again, slowly leaning towards her with a hopeful eyes, glittering in the light of her flames.

She suddenly leaps from the bed, tackling him off her bed with a scream of anger. Finn gives a cry of shock as she slams him into the dark red floor of her room. Stunned, the hero lays limply on the floor as the naked Flame Queen climbs atop him, pinning him to the ground as she glares full of fury at the human.

"WHAT! THE FUCK! DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" She screams at him, making him wince as he stares at her full of fear. "You think we will just go out again!? I thought we agreed to remain as friends!" The hero flinches, his eyes looking away in shame.

"... I'm sorry... But I can't help it! Even after all this time I still love you!" Flame Queen pulls back a bit in disgust at his declaration, yet he continues, "PLEASE! Forgive me! Please, let us bring it back to how it use to be of just us having fun!"

Flame Queen growls in anger, her grip tightening on the hero as she pulls him towards her face, "No." Finn becomes deverstated by the news, his eyes losing all life, but the royal wasn't done. "I've had enough of this Finn! If you can't move on... Then I shall help you move on~" She grins smirks, much to Finn's dread,

"Hehe...? What do you mean?" He inquires nervously, her evil grin only getting bigger,

"Well Finn, I plan to feed you to..."
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