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Bittynaped by Skeletons - Page 2 - Story Link - By Angel446 - Overview
Life was hard as a little bitty. At only four inches, you struggled to get around, fight off predators, and to find food. But in your opinion, you managed, which meant something at least. Hell, you’d been here in this house for months now surviving! If only those damn monsters didn’t have to ruin everything....

They showed up out of the blue, with no luggage, no anything. Just a multitude of skeleton monsters, many of which looked similar- about half were tall, gangly fellows while the other half were stocky, shorter guys. They called each other cousins, thought each set were also brothers- confusing but whatever.

The skeletons of course at first thought they were there alone, having found the empty house. But when you first showed up to them, hoping to explain yourself and maybe make a few friends.... Things went downhill, fast. Apparently they aren’t happy sharing the house and a few have made it clear they’d kill you if they could. Others seem more caring and have offered food before. Though after the first encounter, you’re not too sure. Instead you continue to sneak around, stealing from their pantries and live within the walls like a mouse.

Though it seems just like a mouse, you were bound to be caught eventually. Seems a certain skeleton took notice of a hole you frequently used to go in and out of, and rigged a little trap in front of it that’s now led to you being stuck in a literal cage!

There’s the sound of movement above you, and despite your growing fear, you turn to look at your captor.
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