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Bittynaped by Skeletons - Page 3 - Blue - By Angel446 - Overview
There’s a loud squeal of happiness as the overly exuberant skeleton stared down at you, his eyelights practically stars. The skeleton that caught you seems to be Blue, the younger brother to Stretch. He was one of the few monsters who was always trying to be nice to you, which was a good sign. Maybe he’d be nice to you....

“Yes yes yes! Oh little bitty I was getting worried you’d never come out of there! Or that one of the others had gotten to you first! But never fear! The magnificent Sa-Blue is here for you!” He proclaimed, smiling broadly as he leaned down to pick up the cage.

The sudden jostling caused you to yelp and fall over, though he didn’t seem to notice as he started to the stairs and into the safety of his bedroom. With a quick check to his lock, Blue turned away and walked to his bed. “Please don’t be afraid. I’m going to open the door, okay?”
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