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Bittynaped by Skeletons - Page 4 - Run - By Angel446 - Overview
While you knew Blue to be one of the nicer skeletons of the house, he was also technically a stranger, as you knew very little about him. You weren’t about to take the chance of something awful happening. You stayed silent, earning a frown from the normally happy skeleton. But none the less, he opened the cage door.

And you bolted.

Sure, you had no idea where to go. But that didn’t matter. You were going to try and get away.

.... Try being the key term.

Immediately after bolting, gloved hands slammed down on top of you, pinning you to the bed sheets. And despite struggling, he lifted you up to his skull with a now hardened gaze. “Bitty.... That wasn’t nice. I’ve tried all this time to catch you so you’d be safe, and you repay me by trying to run away? That’s just rude!”

Blue’s gaze was far from the sweet, excited look it had been minutes before. In fact, if you looked close enough, you could swear you could see a hint of red to his blue eyelights. He stared at your trapped form for several long moments, before a grin- so different.... hiding something maybe- worked it’s way across his skull. “But don’t you worry! I still intend on keeping you safe. But I can’t have you running into the others and getting put in danger!”
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