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Star Vores - Page 6 - Up Your Ass - By PurpSoul - Overview
You smirk lustfully at the thought of Trixi squelching between your bootie cheeks. It's probably the safest option as well, as you should be able to get a good grip on her very quickly. You move to where her head is resting and quietly unbuckle your pants. You tug down your pants and undies, baring your sweaty, hairy butt. You position your stinkhole above her sleeping face and prepare for the plunge. You wish you could undress her first, but this is no time for a picky pucker.

Just as you're about to slam your cheeks down on her, she stirs, muttering. You freeze, listening. She tries to raise up but her forehead presses between your asshole and your balls. "...the fuck?" she mumbles blearily, and you take your chance. You slam your ass against her face with a grunt. She yelps in fright and immediately begins to wrestle, fighting against you with ferocious strength. Your eyes widen, frightened for a moment. Only the top of her head is inside your rectum. Her nose and mouth are free, and with her strength, she could very possibly pull out and turn the tables. "Get OFF me!" she growls fiercely. "What the fuck do you think I am?"

"Fucking delicious," you say, and thrust your bottom downwards once more. You feel her nose slip in and you smile triumphantly. You have her now.

"Agh! R-render? Is that you??" she gasps in shock. "Oh, you filthy, pathetic CROOK!" she shouts, her surprise turning to rage. "Get your stinking ass off me! By the Force, you fucking stink!" She fights like a woman possessed, but you clench your cheeks around her face, holding her still and letting her wear herself out. "I though we were partners!"

"Not anymore," you chuckle, wiggling your buns to shake her. She growls in humiliated fury.

"You can't do this to me! I... am Trixi fucking Shears!"

"Nope!" you tease. "You're just a sexy little buttmunch for me to enjoy."

"How DARE y-"

"And soon, you won't even be that. You'll be just another big dump I've digested and forgotten. You're just ass-fodder now, you little bitch." With those words, you grunt and suck her head in behind your cheeks, cutting off her enraged, horrified reply. You let a long, indulgent groan, clenching your ass tight, relishing the feel of her cute little head being squeezed tight, sucked deeper inch by inch. Her cries are muffled and choked, and she fights you fiercely. You’ve got her good by now, however. She’s doomed.

It doesn’t take long for you to slurp up her weithing, sexy body. You admire it one last time, wishing you’d had a chance to fuck her first but anything you stuck inside her wouldn’t have come out any time soon. You much prefer this. Trixi clearly does not. She shrieks in enraged horror and humiliation as she slides through your no doubt filthy bowels. You feel a couple over her ribs snap on the way through your twisted poop chute, eliciting roars of agony from the former bounty hunter. Her legs eventually give way as will, cracking violently as she is bent unnaturally on her way to meet her end. You lay down in her bed with a sigh, just as she finally enters your belly.

“Eeeeeerrrgh!!!” She cries, struggling weakly. “R-render! Let... me.. out...” she wheezes desperately. You don’t answer. You just watch your wiggling tummy, gurgling and glorping away. “Render!” She screams, through clenched teeth. “It cannot end like this... this cannot be how I die, not like this, not in you...” You can hear the resolve in her voice dying, as the agony and terror begins to seize her. “P-please... please, I know w-we aren’t friends... aaaaagggghh.... b-but we’ve always been equals! Nnmnghh!! I-it hurts... so baaaaaad.....”

Your gut rumbles and tightens slightly. She whines in pain, and you can see her form more clearly. You grip her bootie cheeks with both your hands and give her a good jostle. “Equals? Equals, Trixi?” You chuckle. “We could not be less equal, not anymore. I fucking own you, Trixi Shears. You’re in my gut, bitch. You know how this works.”

“N-no... p-please, not me....” she sobs. “I’m not o-one of your-aaah! I’m not one of your bimbo buttmunches! I... I’m more than that- Eeek! Render, please!!! Nnmgh, I’m running out of time!”

“Heh, I’m sure it makes you feel better to say that,” you laugh. “But it won’t change anything. I ate you, just like all those other women, and I’ll dump you and forget you, just like the rest of them. Face it, you dumb bitch. You always liked to pretend you were so strong and smart, but at the end of it all, you’re just another frightened, weak little girl. It’s time a man put that tasty ass of yours to good use. So shut up and cry quietly while you die, so I can take a shit and forget you.”

You don’t really mean everything you said, but you’re a predator. You like to play with your food. Trixi screams in agonized terror, and her dying body puts up a pathetic final struggle. She doesn’t talk anymore, except to shriek and screams for help. Of course, none does, and eventually she dies a horrible, dehumanizing and undignified death.

You only feel a tiny pang of remorse as mashed woman swirls around in your shrinking gut. She was a good partner, and you might miss her... but probably not. That doubled reward will surely soothe any regrets, and you can finally retire once you finish the job, so you don’t need her anyway. You smirk and get up, pulling your pants up over your fattened ass with considerable difficulty.

Han Solo eyes you with mute surprise when you leave the room. You pay your gut and wink at him on your way to the cockpit. No sooner have you taken a seat than your ship comes careening out of hyperspace with a thunderous boom. You blink, surprised at how fast the time passed. “Alright, just gotta make the jump to Tattooine, and I can finish this mess,” you mumble, fumbling with the nav computer. You release a noisy poot, filling the cockpit with Trixi’s stifling stench. She’s a real stinker, worse than anyone you can remember, but that doesn’t surprise you. You chuckled, amused. You wish Trixi was here to see what she’d been reduced to, from a top notch, successful bounty hunter, to a cloud of abominably smelly-


You yelp as the ship shudders. You check your scanners and sensors, confused and frightened. Something just hit your ship and you don’t know what. You wait, eyes wide. Silence follows, a smothering, overpowering quiet, broken only by a bit of Trixi squelching out of your ass.

Then you hear a terrible scraping noise from the cargo area. You rush into the back and see Solo staring up at the ceiling, from which sparks are begging to shoot down.

“Shit,” you mutter, your heart sinking. You’re being boarded.

And you don’t have a partner.

A circle of metal falls down with a crash, leaving a hole in the top of your ship. Blaster at the ready, you prepare yourself for a fight. Something round drops suddenly out of the whole and you shoot it immediately. It explodes into a dense cloud of smoke, filling the entire hold. You cough and cover your eyes. You hear the sound of boots hitting the floor and you shoot wildly into the smoke. You only manage to get off one shot before the fun is yanked from your hands. You
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