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Vore Girls - Page 1 - Vore Girls (W.I.P) - By RatedR80085135 - Overview
Girls List (All Digest)
Krystal: 6'7 size D breasts specializes in unbirth
Rachael: 6'3 size C breasts specialize in anal vore
Kayla: 7'0 size DD breasts specializes in all vore
Alexa: 6'6 size B breasts specializes in oral vore
Lexis: 6'0 size A breasts doesn't do vore but can be force fed
Sarah: 5'8 size C breasts is more prey but can unbirth
Kira: 6'4 size B breast if angered will oral vore
Hannah: 6'9 Size DD breast will anal or oral vore if asked
Giana: 6'4 Size B breast will unbirth if asked
Cassidy: 6'10 size A breast oral vores you is she sees you
Jessica: 6'0 size C breast anal vores you on sight
Violet: 6'5 size DD breast unbirths you on sight
You: 5'0 size A breast
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