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Mew’s pet - Page 2 - Starting page - By Blue22Mew - Overview
It was a very early morning a Mew wakes up happily as she was usually around her tree but she did decided to wonder around a bit far as it was gonna be a slightly chilly day in this forest but she does hear someone walking the sound of a human with the footsteps she had heard these many times but she doesn’t hear any others or sense any Pokémon with the trainer so she goes and investigates looking over the tree branches as she remains invisible to the naked eye peering as a human quite small compared to her, then again she was a good 12 feet tall herself and no one can catch her in a pokeball or even master ball if they tried since she’s anthro and only one around

“Eegh.... darn forest all wet from the morning dew and light rain” the human groans softly male but hard to tell his age, well she could if she looked at his mind and focused on it a fair bit
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