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My sister's Mansion - Page 1 - Spring cleaning - By elitadraconia - Overview
You and your sister have both inherited a mansion after your parent's died one year ago in a strange accident.  Since the fortune belongs to both of you, you've been living here together ever since.  It is now the middle of April and both you and your sister have decided to give the house a good dusting.  You decide to go down to the basement and start cleaning there while your sister cleans some of the upper rooms.

You are now all alone in the basement and the light doesn't work.  The only light you have to work by is the one from the kitchen just up the stairs behind you.  It looks like there might be a light bulb up on the top shelf, now if you could only reach up high enough to get it then you could change the light bulb and see what needs cleaning.  You move towards the shelving and climb up on the lower shelves as you reach up high with your feather duster and try to knock the light bulb into your waiting hand.

Suddenly you feel something give way under your feet and you slip to one side pulling the entire shelf down on top of you along with a small bottle that shatters upon your head and spills it's contents all over your face.  The shelves fall down on you with a loud crash though you feel a little disorientated as you fall back amongst the fluid and glass shards.  The next thing you hear as you regain your composure a little are the sounds of quaking from above and looking up you can see your sister, though when she walks closer you can see her socks are gigantic, as is the rest of her way up there.  Looking around, you can see giant shards of glass and what used to be your clothes.

Are you her big sister, big brother, little sister or little brother?
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