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Vore Island - Page 1 - Vore Island - By 1VoCa1 - Overview
First choose who you will be.

Jenny: A talented traveler who has come out of dangerous situations many times. Once she had to be captured by cannibals, but she managed to escape.
Looks: Long-haired blonde with straight hair and blue eyes. She has narrow shoulders, long legs and huge breasts and a normal physique.


Young girl biologist, 18 years old.

Small breasts of size B.


You sailed on your small ship across the ocean. The sky was blue and cloudless. Waves rocked the boat.

Suddenly a storm began. Lightning flashed, waves rose above your boat and carried it somewhere. You could do nothing but stay in the boat so as not to be lost in the ocean.

The storm died down and the sky became cloudless and cloudless again. Ahead of the bow of your boat was an island.

Towards adventures.
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