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The Mansion 1: The Dark Demon Mansion - Page 74 - Stare at it… - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You can't explain why, but something tells you to watch the reflection closely. Not thinking much about it, you look and stare at the reflection.

You find something unusual. Where once your eyes in the reflection were normal, now they were swirling rings of green, blue and yellow. You found yourself drawn to them, and soon they began to expand, growing larger, larger. It didn't take long until they covered the whole mirror. You just stood there, looking, watching, staring. Your senses began to fade away, replaced with a deep warm feeling, until you were left with nothing but the lights that swirled through your whole being. Soon, darkness takes you.

When you finally come to, you feel sore all over. Aches cover your body, and a headache wracks your head. You shake your head lightly, careful not to aggravate the pain, and you observe your surroundings.
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