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The Mansion 1: The Dark Demon Mansion - Page 75 - Some weird apparatus… - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You find yourself inside a barren room, empty and dull of anything appealing. In the centre of the room, there is a mysterious array of mechanical contraptions, the only thing in this room.

Since there is nothing else of value or interest in this room, you move in to check the weird machine. It is made up of many mechanical arms, almost all with different ends, from clamps and bulbs to panels and other tools. It extends down from the ceiling, the bulk of the machine seemingly built into the roof.

"DETECTING LIFEFORM. DRONE BUILDER 5000 ACTIVATING." You jump at the sudden voice, and you watch as the machine springs to life in front of you. It spins around, positioning its arms in a peculiar pattern. It seems like it is almost waiting for something.
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