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The Mansion 1: The Dark Demon Mansion - Page 79 - Fight - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Nine tails flails in a slow fashion behind the Kitsune as if they were tentacles. They dance about in fascinating patterns, ready to cast any demonic spells at will.

The Kitsune displays her slim and curvaceous body along with her deep blue eyes. She examines you with a lustful glare before her hands lower to stroke along her body.

“Are you curious about me? My body is curious about you…"

The kitsune attempts to incite you to approach her. You resist the urge to lick your chops before that display.

Your imagination makes you wonder what it would be to worship that body. To bring the kitsune pleasure. To go down and please that perfectly shaped demonic body. You growl loud and shake your head. When you snap free from the betrayal your imagination has played on you mind, you can spot her body swaying side to side, her hips shaking all the while. She continues her attempt to capture your attention and enslave your imagination to her sinister carnal desires.
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