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The Mansion 1: The Dark Demon Mansion - Page 80 - Close your eyes… - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You cover yourself up with the hopes to keep the vision of that demonic body away from your thoughts. After a couple of seconds, you feel a heavy presence next to you. This makes you wonder what your enemy might be up to. When you inspect the battle scene, you can’t find the Fox. All of a sudden, you feel someone holding you from behind. Your wrists are also held down.

You find yourself held in the arms of the Fox. She stands behind you as she holds your wrist with a firm grip so you can't attack with your blades.

Her hands roam over your body, teasing you and rousing deep feelings within you. The temptation to give in to the kitsune and let her have free reign over your body becomes powerful. Her muzzle plants several kisses along your neck. Her soft vulpine tongue leaving traces of drool as she enjoys this attempt of dominating you.

“Let go of those blades. Those hands of yours could be put into so many good uses once I train you as a pet...”

The deep breath of the demon could be felt behind you as she tries to lure you to fall for her seductions. In a moment of mental clarity, you manage to push her back.

She walks several steps away after the rough shove. You turn back to try and attack her with your blades. But the demon is already standing away from you with a grin of satisfaction. You avoid insulting yourself for not foreseeing that such a move could have left you vulnerable.

That was a close call for you. However, this experience has left you lusting for more of the demon’s touch.

The kitsune keeps her cocky attitude up, softly swaying side to side, thankfully not enough to influence you. This time her nine tails are the ones being active.

"After that little display, it’s time to convince you to join my side and lay at my feet like a good boy," the Fox says.

You were expecting for her to use that strange body spell once again. However, her tails are the ones moving now, spinning behind her like a roulette. You can’t understand why they don’t get entwined with each other in their spinning movement. The spinning is so alluring. On top of that, those deep blue eyes of her are also fighting for your attention.

Her tails turn into a smooth dance of several hues and tones of blue colours which become hard to look away from. One of the colours drag your attention for a couple of seconds before disappearing. Then, yet another shade of blue appears to entice you for another couple of seconds prior to disappear. And after this, yet another blue tone catches your attention.

“That’s it boy. Keep staring. Let me handle your mind and your thoughts from now on...”

It gets harder and harder to think with those pretty blue lights and those deep eyes sucking your willpower away. If you don’t do something fast, this demon will swipe your mind away with her dancing tails.
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