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The Mansion 1: The Dark Demon Mansion - Page 81 - Attack her… - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You rush at her with blades in hand. You hope to stop the Fox from her hypnotic dance. But no matter how much time you spent running, you just can’t reach the demon. Your body decides to relax after a few seconds of being under that gaze. The blue eyes of the Fox locks in with your eyes. You stop running and stand before the demon.

“Release your blades. I hunger for your mind so much. You hunger for my touch as well. In the moment your blades land on the floor, your resistance will also drop down to the floor under my command.”

You try to resist. All you can do is to yawn and nod at the strange command. This demon has a subtle, yet tight effect on your mental energies. Your fingertips trembles for a moment as the will to fight leaves your mind with every second you spend under the influence of the demon.

The last display of erotic invitation to submit is still fresh in your mind. You can't bring yourself to resist anymore. Your blades slip out of your fingers and your knees fall to the floor under the influencing power of the demon.

There is nothing you can do but accept the lovely kitsune as your new mistress.
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