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The Mansion 1: The Dark Demon Mansion - Page 83 - Later… - By Dragonblaze - Overview
It's been a while since you last saw Mistress. She came by every so often, playing with her loyal pets, so eager for just a sample of her attention. When she was near, the markings over your body, Mistress's symbol of ownership of you, always glowed brighter, always making you feel so good and happy.

The collar around your neck, a wonderful gift from your Mistress, keeps you happy and calm, and so, so, so nice. Every second spent with it on gave you dozens more reasons to keep it on.

Your Mistress spends many days with you, reaffirming that you are her loyal, obedient pet, that you will always be her loyal, obedient pet, and that she will take care of you. It makes you feel nice knowing that she will always take care of you, her loyal, obedient pet. It makes you feel even more loyal, even more obedient.

Your mind would never recover. Her power overwhelmed you, and now you are one of her loyal, obedient pets. Forever.

Game Over
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