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Egyptian Lords - Page 1 - Egyptian Lords - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Egyptian Lords!

In this interactive story, you will explore abandoned tombs that once were dedicated to the Egyptian gods, ancient rulers of Ancient Egypt. Find treasure, uncover artefacts, discover hidden secrets! But beware, this job is not without danger.

In the tombs, you will fight all manner of creatures, face all kinds of traps, and more. You will have to use your wits and skill to keep yourself alive, and yourself.

The rules are;

No Hard Vore.
No incest related content.
No M/M or F/F. (If the situation involves transgender, make sure that the characters are opposite genders after the TG, and not have any sexual interaction outside of flirting (or anything to initiate the TG) before both characters are opposite genders. I'm pretty sure gods have standards)
Proper grammar and spelling.

With that, the adventure has begun!

Good luck!


You arrived in Cairo a few days ago, with the intention of exploring abandoned tombs recently uncovered. You wish to be the first to explore these tombs and temples to find any treasures inside of them, maybe even find a few priceless artefacts.

You look over the choices you have. Quite a good number of tombs have been found, and there was many to choose from right now. You think about your decision carefully.

(Each tomb has a certain gimmick that will focus on said gimmick throughout the exploration. All involve transformation, some involve mummification (these are Egyptian tombs after all), and many if not all involve hypnosis. Be ready, and keep an eye out for any clues that will determine if you survive or not)
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