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The Madness of Molasu - Page 1 - The Madness of Molasu - By Thor11 - Overview
Story Info Sheet

"This story will easily be my most in depth and detailed interactive story. I will be giving a list of all the Demi's names and what they all are as well as location names and how some parts of the story work. If you don't care, just go down and hit begin story."

"Now that you gave the option of just going down to hit begin the story, do you really think people are just going to learn about story and what and where things are now Rex and how they work? This is a fetish site, not a video game."

"Well, some people might be curious Thor. It's not like people clicked on this story for vore material only. There must be some people who care about the lore."

"Really... the chance of that is very minuscule. Aren't you supposed to be some kind of genius Rex? I mean serious Lamia, Mussculia, Arachne's... people can easily tell what those are. All i'm saying is people would rather read a story than listen to us bicker."

"Y-you know what Thor! Just get to writing down the Demi's from bottom of the food chain to top so we can just get to writing the story itself."

Mussculia: A Human mouse demi. Most are less than a foot tall with 1 exception and have a thin layer of fur across their entire body which is barely visible to the human eye. That all have mouse like ears and tails.

Fairy: A Human bug like demi. Most are less that a foot tall with a few exceptions. Depending on the breed of fairy will determine what their wings and antenna will look like. Whether it be butterfly, firefly, or bee wings.

Elf: A mostly human like demi with pointed ears. Most elves range at around 3-4 feet tall and nearly all elves are skilled in magic in some way.

"This is stupid Rex. Everyone already knows what these things are."

"Just keep writing. We are getting to more unknown ones now."

Anuria: A human frog demi. All have strong legs and a long sticky tongue to grab prey and bring towards them for consumption. Most are around 4-5 tall but they prefer to use their hands as a second pair of legs so they appear around 2-3 feet.

Hume: A human bunny demi. Most are around 4-5 feet a tall. They have long rabbit ears and a little fuzzy bunny tail. They can run faster than any other species and have very acute hearing.

Kitsune: A human fox demi. Most are around average human height. All have fox like ears and long fox tail. They lives in small packs and make burrows into hills as their homes.

Neko: A human cat demi. Most Nekos are a bit smaller than humans at around 5-6 feet. They have cat like ears and long cat tails. They aren't built to hunt prey directly by engaging in combat so they try to take their prey from stealth, often children are their targets. Despite this some neko's have been tamed by humans as house pets.

Wolftaur: A human wolf/dog demi. Most are around human height or a bit larger than humans. They have dog like ears and tails and have furry patches on their arms. They live in large packs and makes dens around caves or a place with decent protection. Like the neko some have been tamed as house pets by humans.

Centaur: A human horse demi. They have the upper body of a human and the lower body of horse. They are larger than humans standing at a standard of 10 feet tall. They live in medium sized herds of around 6-8. They have also been tamed by humans to some extent as mounts.

Harpy: A human bird demi. They have talons for feet and their arms are large feathery wings. Their sizes are heavily dependent from their breed size.

Ursenia: A human bear demi. They are usually 8-10 feet tall and are normally chunkier than other demis. They have bear like ears, tail, and large sharp incisor teeth. They absolutely love honey and have been known to spare careless travelers if they have some on honey to give to the Ursenia. More unlucky ones have been known to be covered in the honey and then eaten by the Ursenia.

Mermaid: A human fish demi. They are a tad bit larger than humans, their tails being a huge help in that. Then can breath underwater as well as on land, and have a lower fish body.

Lamia: A human snake demi. Their size greatly depends on their breed, for they can range from 3 feet to 350 feet. The upper half of a lamia is that of a human and the lower half is a long snake tail. They have 2 stomachs. Their human one digests much slower than their snake stomach and can take a month to digest prey in it, their snake stomach is much more power can digest prey in days.

Human: You know what you are.

"Really, Thor?"

"What? I somewhat understand why we need to write for all the demi's now, but humans seem unnecessary."

"Fine, i'll do it then."

Human: Humans are the base template for demi's and are one of the most common species despite their slow aging rate. Their standard height is around 5-7 feet tall and are the most intelligent sentient species. They used to be much lower on the food chain but technological developments have brought them to a higher status as the reach a modern era of technology. Despite there far advancements of black and white tv, 1890s like cars and shopping centers, magic has made developments in weapons near pointless and much of the world still uses swords, bows and wands. They have built large cites and live in massive communities and have even made nations in ths earth like world.

"Here's the pen back."

"Uh... wow. Why am i writing this if you can write like that?"

"Cause i want this to be a joint project. Now come one finish up we are almost done."

Arachne: A human spider demi. They are usually larger than humans at around 10 feet tall. Their upper part of their body is that of a human and their lower body is that of a spider. Like lamia's they have 2 stomachs. Their human stomach, unlike lamias, can't digest and can only hold prey inside for future digestion. However their spider stomach's are more powerful than a lamia's and can digest a full human in a single day.

Cecalia: A human octopus demi. They a good bit larger than humans at around 10-12 feet long. They have 8 tentacles that replaces where their legs would be and can breath both on land and underwater. They mostly prey on mermaids but have been known to prey on land dwellers that step to deep into the coral reef.

Giant: Basically a really big human. Their height can range from 16-60 feet depending on the breed. They have been known to breed with humans to create something known as mini-giants that range around 10-18 feet.

Dragon: Dragons are one of the most unique of sentient species in this world. They can have a demi like form or be a true dragon in appearance. Their sizes can be from a small 1ft durg, from a 30 ft demi dragoness, to true and mighty Thelmier Drake over 500 feet long! They usally all have wings can breath fire but their are very few breeds of these power creatures than can not.

Chondricia: A human shark demi. They range from a length of around 16-30 feet and feed on whatever they can find floating or swimming around in the ocean. Their upper halves of their body is human while the lower halves are that of a shark with a dorsal fin. However they can only breath underwater and not on land. Many careless swimmers have lost their lives to these voracious eaters.

Cetcia: A human whale demi. These giants of the oceans range from 40-120 feet long and have been known to eat entire ships in one gulp. Their upper halves are that of a human and lower havlves of that of a whale. They can not breath underwater and have a massive blowhole on their back to release water from the ocean. They can hold their breath from up to 8-22 hours depending on the breed.

"And done. Finally, can we get to the story now?"

"Almost just need to talk about the three nations and the major visitable places briefly then we can start.

"Fine, what are they again? I know one of them is Kelia. What are the others?"

"Hold on Thor, I want to write this.

"Fine by me. I can use the break. My wrist hurts.

Kelia: Kelia is a nation on the large island of Obuan which is around 200 miles from where the main landmass is, the continent of Dumoth. They share the massive island with the nation of Alsuland. The island and nation itself resembles a lot like England and Great Britain island. Except being the island being vertical like Great Britain, the island appears diagonal and looks as if Ireland fused with it creating a large bump on the right side of the island.

Alsuland: Alsuland is a nation northeast that shares the island of Obuan with Kelia. Resembling much like Scotland, they are fierce warriors but mostly keep to themselves. Despite them being better at war and winning a good number of them against Kelia, they own less land on Obuan owning about 1/3 of it. This is because out of their many wars with Kelia, they never took land from them except lands Kelia took from them in wars they won. Eventually with Alsuland being content where they are and Kelia no longer seeing them as a threat has opened a large easing in hostilities between the 2 nations, which has allowed numerous trade agreements and open borders between Alsuland and Kelia.

Daflaria: Is a large nation south of Kelia and nearly 5 times larger. It is apart of the continent of Dumonth and was the most powerful nation until the Merchants war with Kelia. After a long 5 years Kelia came up on top winning the war with the Treaty of Phelas which saw Daflaria give up nearly the entire navy and 140 million gold. (15 billion in U.S dollars.) Relations are strained between the countries Daflaria and Kelia and travel between the 2 countries is for the rich and diplomats only. A standard citizen is going to need a pirate to get through the borderes of the country.

“And finally cities and towns and then we can begin the fun stuff.”

“Cmon Rex, are the cities and towns really necessary to write down? Can’t we just mention them in the story and integrate the details through the characters talking?

“You know what sure. That’s a better idea Thor. Let’s get this story going.

“Fine, wait what you agreed? Finally! Let’s get this dog and pony show on the road!”
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