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Vore world: island - Page 1 - Start menu - By 1VoCa1 - Overview
Choose a character, it depends on how the course of events in the game develops.

Cloe: Human girl, brunette with short hair, 5 feet tall, narrow shoulders and wide hips (pear-shaped physique), slim body. She has a belly button earrings and a nose piercing.

She is a student who got a waitress in a restaurant on the island.

Jill: Human girl, blonde with long hair (hairstyle with ponytail, with bangs), height 5 '7 "feet, slender figure in the shape of an hourglass.

University student

Yums: Monster, large eyes,big mouth, greenish fur, anthropomorphic, large growth (7 feet).

It has several stores where it sells food for monsters, including people (volunteers)

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