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Vore world: island - Page 3 - Jill (prey) - By 1VoCa1 - Overview
You woke up, you only have a purple bra and purple panties on you. You grabbed your gray robe and dressed it, tying a belt around your waist, after which you went into the bathtub to brush your teeth. After breakfast, eggs fried with bacon, you sat at the computer and checked the mail.

There were a few letters
1. "We are looking for volunteer girls to feed animals. If you are a girl and want to be eaten, then contact the zoo."

2. "A cute monster is looking for food. If you're a girl, you can come to my dinner. I can cook or eat you raw."

3. "Today is our day off (do not need to go to university). Go to the cinema?", (This is a letter from a fellow student (an alien in the guise of a man)).

You do not know to go somewhere or stay at home. He looks in the wardrobe.
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