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Nurse Joy (not pokemon) - Page 1 - Nurse Joy (not pokemon) - By Thegreatvastby - Overview
You awaken from what felt like a long sleep, you look around and notice that you are in a hospital room. You look across the room and notice a nurse standing there with her back turned to you. You call out to the nurse as she turns around startled. You notice her name tag with the name Joy on it, Nurse Joy is white, 5'8", medium length brown hair, and nice perfect d-cup breasts. She tells you that you have been in a coma for 6 years and that they didn't know if you would awaken. The events that led up to your coma are unknown to you now. The nurse walks over and as she does you see her chest bounce with each step, this causes your cock to become erect, thanks to a 6 year coma controlling your cock has become harder to do. The nurse immediately took notice.
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