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The Game - Page 1 - Das Spiel - By masterchaos - Overview
Stage 1: The school

You wake up in a colorful classroom. It's a bit gloomy as it's already dark outside. But otherwise, it really looks like a typical middle school class. The game takes place inside a school. There are probably plenty of cute girls here, you hope.

You wear an overly cute school uniform. It actually looks like a school uniform from an anime. You seem very small too, as far as you can tell. It feels a little strange. But you actually seem to be a real loli. Your dreams have been fulfilled.

While you are still trying to get used to your new cute body, you realize that you can't move freely. Your hands and legs were tied to your chair. Your mouth was gagged too.

You like pictures with tied up girls. But you yourself didn't want to be tied up. What's going on?

Something in your panties is vibrating. Someone stuck a vibrator in your panties. Your little body is trembling uncomfortably from arousal...

But it's not as erotic as you might have thought. The ropes hurt and you feel humiliated. You realize you don't just look like an anime girl... you feel the same way an anime girl would feel.

The fairy set you up!

If you look up, you can see two status indicators:
Endurance and LP. It probably wouldn't be so good if the indicators would drop to zero.

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