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Fairy Tales Vore - Page 1 - Fairy Tales Vore - By EliseSB - Overview
Hey everyone! So... you may know me as the developer of Stomach Butterflies and co-developer of God Complex, both of which are RPGMaker projects. And while those ARE my focus, my laptop that has RPGMaker is currently in repairs. To get back into writing vore, I've temporarily started this story.

Will it be finished? Maybe. I'm going to focus on it until my laptop gets back, and from then on I might up date now and then. I'm not entirely sure where this will go, but hey. Hopefully it's somewhere.
So, what is this story? It's... it's literally what it says it is. You'll be able to re-explore age old fairy tales, with voracious twists and puzzles.

The game will be primarily F/F, with a variety of Oral Vore, Anal Vore, and Unbirth. The player can be pred or prey, but neither will ever be mandatory. A pred-only player can make it through any story without being eaten, and a prey player will never be required to eat someone.
While the game is primarily a collection of Fairy Tale based vore puzzles, there will be an overarching narrative, following Devora, a former naga child soldier now sold as a servant to work at a library. As she begins to read stories for the first time, she can also bond with fellow librarians and catch troublemakers and vandals.

Devora's journey can be followed under story mode, in which she will read fairy tales in a set order, exploring the library between them. In addition, however, you can skip the linking narrative by playing in "Bookshelf" mode, which will allow you to pick any fairy tale to read in isolation.

The final gameplay related thing is about "_____?" actions. Whenever you receive question mark options, these are NOT new paths. These are brief questions a protagonist can ask themselves that will provide extra information on a situation, before immediately offering a return to the previous choice. These will be used for hints, extra looks into a character, or to show what people look like. If you want to see a character's appearance, there'll always be an option shortly after their introduction.
This game is dedicated to my close friend and co-developer for God Complex, Devora. (I mean, in case you didn't notice the protagonist is named Devora) This was inspired by a failed project I intended for her birthday. Hopefully she'll enjoy it in this format instead.

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