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Shrunken at the Homestuck House - Page 8 - Shove you up my pussy - By TanookiBoy12 - Overview
"W-wait what??"

You have no time to react as you're pulled away from her face and directed to her glistening, olive-coloured pussy. Although there didn't appear to be any clit hidden by a hood, instead there was a olive-coloured tentacle that oozed a dark green slime.

"H-hold up what the hell is that??" You shriek, horrified of the large squirming genitalia.

"What's wrong? It's just my bulge~" Her giggling voice boomed around you as her sexual musk invaded your nostrils. "You've never seen a bulge before~?"

You shook your head as you're brought closer to her dripping sexes. "N-no! Our species have one or the other we don't normally have both!"


That was the last thing you heard before you were shoved headfirst between her green olive lips. Your head was engulfed in her tight green folds, darkness falling and cutting off your vision, and the cat-like alien moaned all around you. It was hot and slimy inside, your breathing minimised as you were pushed further and further into her. The walls around you squeezed and hugged you as you were pulled deeper into this giant. The scent of her heat was intoxicating and you couldn't think straight either.

Just as your lower legs were about to be swallowed up alongside the rest of you, you felt a vicious tug as you were suddenly pulled out of your captor. As Nepeta moaned loudly, you were released from her frightening vagina and brought back outside of her. You gasped for breath and tried to suck in the sweet air that had escaped you the moment you were pushed inside this giant.

Far above you, Nepeta was letting out some shaky breaths as she recovered from her toying with your body. Your entire upper body was completely drenched in olive tinged juices, and the stuff had caked your hair and face. You struggled to get it out of your eyes but your hands were also coated in it so much that they made stringy messes between each one.

Despite how grossed out you were feeling, you couldn't help but feel a little bit aroused at the current situation. Yes, your legs were pinned together by a giant horny cat girl who tried to eat you a few seconds ago, but you couldn't help but be turned on by your current gooey, slippery, slimy situation. You were wondering why she wasn't still shoving you in, but you figured she was just testing how you felt in her.

"Mm, you felt really nice in there!" Nepeta wiggled her ass for you which you certainly would have enjoyed if it weren't for your predicament.

Nepeta giggled, using her other hand to grab her squirming bulge and begin jerking it off. It was certainly a surreal experience, and an admittedly enticing one, but that wouldn't last long as you were suddenly forced back into Nepeta's pussy. This time you were pushed further inside, the hot, wet confines hugging every inch of you and drenching you further in juices. The moans of the girl still managed to turn you on however
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