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Meals for Monarchs - Page 4 - To the Rounds - By PurpSoul - Overview
The guard outside your room salutes as you step out, on your way to observe your domain. Your belly gurgles away as the dead teen churns away, meting and draining away. She was a fine breakfast indeed.

You only have a few hours until court begins, so you take the time to enjoy the fresh morning air, savoring the peace and quiet. The castle is usually full of the raucous hub-bub of staff, courtiers, and peasants, so such moments are hard to come by.

Your bliss is soon interrupted by the sounds of scuffle, along with angry voices. You frown, annoyed and curiously. The commotion seems to coming from one of the nearby pantries, and you move to innvestigate. You find Haggard, one of your guardsmen, wrestling with two children, a boy and a girl.

“I’ll teach ye to pilfer the royal pantries! I’ll teach ye right and proper I will!” The bulbous man growls as he holds the pair up in front of him by their wrists. “Food belongs in a pantry, and a pantry’s where I found ye. Reckon that makes you mongrels food, eh? And I was just hankering for some fresh meat, I was!” The children squirm and grunt in protest, but he holds them tight. He notices your approach and blinks. “Why, yer Majesty! I’d no idea ye were near. Begin’ your pardon, Lordship, I was just showin’ these theivin’ meat pies to where they belong!” He said with a chuckle, leering at the kids hungrily. “Less, of course, you’ve something you want to do with them instead?”

You eye the rascals. They’re dirty and disheveled, with tattered clothes and bare feet. Street urchins, most likely, trying to scavenge a bite or two from your food stores. They look from Haggard to you, caught between fear and defiance. They’ve loved a tough life, you can tell, and you can’t help but respect the little runts a little bit. They can’t be older than ten or eleven, but here they are, audacious enough to raid the king’s own pantry. On the other hand, pests are pests, and you certainly can’t let them get away with this... right?
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