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Predatory Forest - Page 1 - Predatory Forest - By corecat - Overview
Hello and welcome!

This story is centered on the world of Mythra, and more specifically a forest known by most as The Great Emeraldine. The forest is home to a great many wild creatures, as well as a few small and loosely organized communities. Many creatures who call the forest home are predatory, and the most popular prey creatures are fairies and humans. So popular, that they oftentimes even prey on each other.

Some notes:
This story is designed to have a focus on hard vore, cannibalism, and cooking/butchery. There will be gore, and it won’t always be marked in the options. Consider yourself warned.

I originally planned to open this story up to other writers after I had a few options in, but in the end, I think I’m just going to keep this for myself.

All characters should be assumed to be adults.

Finally, here are the available characters:

Parsnip Cedarwood is a female fairy with a slight build and long hair that is platinum blonde that starts to become teal near the ends. She is a Dawn Fairy, known for their peaceful nature... and uniquely sweet flavor. Parsnip is curious, and loves to explore and meet new people.

Raia Gexica is a Night Fairy warrior. The Night Fairies are the clan best known for their habit of eating other fairies... Not that it makes much difference to a hungry frog. Raia is muscular, with tanned skin and wild hair in a streaky mixture of brown and grey. He takes his position seriously, and will face down any foe with all his strength.

Kail Manette is a human male. He’s been living on his own for a long time, and he values his independence. He has experienced a lot, but in a place like The Emeraldine, all it takes is one mistake for the tables to turn. Kail is lean, but has well-defined muscles. He has dark brown hair, and a long scar across his chest.

Dawn Fireheart is a human female who lives in a small village. She has soft round features, and long jet-black hair that she often wears tied back in a braid. Every year in her village, a maiden is sacrificed to the creature that lives on a nearby mountain. Nobody has seen this creature and lived to tell the tale, but it is said to protect the village and bring good fortune in exchange for these offerings.

Braxx Grubbin is a male orc who lives in a small encampment as a butcher and chef. He takes great pleasure in his work, and enjoys the entire process of watching something go from a squirming creature to an exquisitely roasted slab of meat. He has greenish-brown skin and a build that is short for an orc, but more than broad enough to make up for it.

Sith’raa is a female naga that stalks the forest. She takes pride in her own strength, and loves nothing more than seeing a cornered piece of prey cowering before her. She has jet-black scales that fade to tan on her belly, and her back is streaked with thin, pearlescent violet stripes. Her slitted eyes are a vivid shade of violet.
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