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Vore School - Page 1 - Vore School - By something1337 - Overview
1: I will be the only one to make the genders (I don't want the first page to be chaos)
2: Don't ever use real people in this
3: If you are going to make a new path then make sure you don't let it end abruptly
4: Don't make absolutely absurd spelling or grammar errors, and if you do then please fix them, I will also be fixing these as I see them
5: I will mostly be working on hermaphrodite, but I will be splitting my attention to the other 2
6: No furry's, monster boy/girl/herm is fine
7: There is no reforming, once someone is digested they are gone forever (Well... not technically)
8: Do not use wacky ways to vore such as armpit or naval vore

You are standing in front of a huge building that has a sign on it saying "Vore School" (I'm not very creative), but before you can enter, what is your gender?
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