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3 Nights at Grimlin's Summer Camp - Page 1 - 3 Nights at Grimlin's Summer Camp - By gouj1 - Overview
<Female pred, surviving game, tinies boys.>

This year, due to a budget cut, the summer trip for the third year of Junior High is decided to be held on Grimlin's camp. You are playing as Jake, a decent guy known for his good look in class. However, you don't have a girlfriend and is in fact a virgin, because you are too obsessed with playing video games with your own nerd squad.

It's 3 PM right now. You are in a bus, sitting alone near the front row. You are sure that the bus is close to the destination, probably around 30 minutes or so. As you observe dozens and dozens of old oak trees passes by the bus, you heard some giggles to your right. Three girls are standing over you, giggling and whispering something. You ignored them, but then one called you by name, your old friend Amy.

Amy is a blonde girl standing slightly taller than you, around 5'10" with D cup. You guess she can be described physically as the stereotype popular girl in class, but her personality is a bit immature. She liked to bully you as a kid, although never too far, and even now she likes to keep doing pranks just to distract you out of your reverie. You wonder why her relationships never last more than a month, and remembered that her last ex, the jock Bill, got pranked by her to run naked across the whole school after she stole his changing shirts. You have been trying to evade her devilish grasp the last few years, but now that she goes to the same camp as you after you failed last year's class, you wonder if you can find a rock somewhere in the camp you can hide under.

"Hey, Jake. Are you just going to ignore us? Come on, say hello! I brought a couple of girls here to introduce to you.", Amy said to you with mischievous smile..
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