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3 Nights at Grimlin's Summer Camp - Page 8 - Go to Amy's panties and hide inside it! - By gouj1 - Overview
You decided to huddle up under Amy's panties, hoping that the ant will ignore you. Luckily it has other more important things to do and left you. But you didn't notice this, as you are still hiding inside Amy's panties in real terror.

You suddenly felt a tremor under your feet and the sound of a door opened. Amy has finally finished her shower. She looked down at the panties on the floor and said to herself,

"Hmm, did I accidentally dropped my thong? Ahh, maybe I should wear it. Maybe I can get one of those jocks to notice me more if I flashed my thong at them, hehe."

Amy picked up her underwear, with you still hiding inside it. You felt the sudden gravity pull and felt like you are strongly glued to the fabric of her panties. She finally wore it and pulled up some sluttish wear for dinner.

You felt constricted under the pressure between her vagina and her underwear. It smells sweet like soap, and you are probably positioned directly under her clit. You awed at the huge size of her clit, probably the size of your own head. However, the warmth slowly turns to heat and you can't take it anymore. You hear her giggling while playing with her phone. You aren't sure what to do at this point..
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