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Hypno Castle - Page 1 - Hypno Castle - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to the Hypno Castle!

This magnificent castle is known for strange disappearances that have never been solved. It has a strange aura that seems to emanate from its structure, but also feels like it is inviting somehow.

In this interactive story, you choose between being a predator, or prey.

As a predator, you are a resident of the castle. Maybe you haven't always been here, or maybe you have been in this mighty fortress since the very beginning. Maybe you were brought in many years ago, perhaps by a friend, or stumbled upon it, by yourself or with a group? Or maybe, you only just arrived, and are the most recent arrival to stay. Whichever your origin story tells, you are here, in this wonderful castle. And that's all that matters. However, this castle has long been explored by many outsiders, so it is your sworn duty to ensure they do not escape. Maybe you have already swayed a few to stay. Perhaps not. But regardless, it is your duty, and you shall follow it.

As a prey, you are a mere human who has come to this strange castle. Maybe you are an adventurer, looking to explore it and come back to tell the tale? Or maybe, you simply stumbled across it, perhaps forced to enter because of a storm, or you were being pursued? Maybe you came here with some friends? Maybe one of them suggested you come with them to explore, or maybe you were the one to make the suggestion. Maybe you saw someone enter, and followed after them. Maybe you seek treasure within? But, no matter what reasons you have for entering, you felt a strange presence as you approached, and weirdly felt as if it was inviting you inside. Or maybe you didn't notice that, due to being busy doing… something, I don't know. But regardless of whatever brought you here, you are here, so you might as well check the place out!

Whichever choice you choose to follow, know that you must follow that path. Every choice you make may or may not have a consequence. But, whether predator or prey, this castle is yours to explore, one way or another.

The rules are as follows;
No Hard Vore.
No M/M or F/F.
No incest.
Use proper grammar and spelling.

Good luck!

First off, are you predator, or are you prey?
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