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Hypno Castle - Page 37 - The Tomb - By Dragonblaze - Overview
What you saw as you walked on through was staggering. Light coloured stone made up the walls, floor, and ceiling of the massive, practically hall sized room. Gold ornaments on pedestals added to the decoration of the place. Statues made of the same light coloured stone, coloured black with gold highlights forming more strange patterns, stood tall and stoic, watching over the whole room. Next to the walls were some strange pillars that didn't reach the ceiling, looking much like a coffin, only stood upright, and much more ornamental. At the end of the room laid an almost completely golden version of those strange coffins, decorated with gemstones, strange markings, and possibly more where it was out of view. Behind it stood three large statues, all shaped like some strange canine-like creature much like the others, but each having very different decorations. At the side walls where there were no of those weird coffins or statues were some open arches, leading to other smaller rooms.

There was so much here. You just had to look at everything. But where to start?
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