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Having fun with mom - Page 1 - Start - By DionysusTFs - Overview
I was getting out of classes when when i said goodbye to my girlfriend Mary.

"Goodbye, i love you Sam!" she yelled at my name, putting his hands arround her mouth.

"I love too!" i replied, saying goodbye with my arm from afar.

I arrived home, threw my backpack in the entrance, went to my room and turned on the computer, then, my mom arrived my room and said: "Oh, you arrived, how was the college honey?"

"It was okay, i saw Mary and talked with her."

"Sounds great, well, i'll go to the store and buy some things, stay here until i arrive."

"No problem mom."

I waited for her leave the house, i listened to her turning on the car and leaving.

"Okay, it's showtime." I put my favorite porn page, unzipped my pants, then i remove it and started to touching my dick.

"Ughh, this is awesome." i moaned while was masturbating my cock.

unexpectedly and unfortunately, without notice it, my mom arrived to home and oppened my room's door.

"Dammit, all the stores nearby were closed, what a shame, well, how are you hon..."

She saw me touching my penis, i would have put my pants on, but i didn't had time to do it, she arrived too fast.

"Humm, umm... I can explain mom..." I said very nervous and trembling trying to hide my boner and with my face looking down very ashamed.

"Oh, there's no problem honey, that things are normal at your age." She said very confident and also happy, i was so confused of what's happening in that moment.

"Huh, i thought it was bad and you were going to scold me for that" i said, a little more confident but still ashamed and nervous.

"Oh, no, no, no, that's very natural and part of the life, also, i did it a lot when i was your age, hehe"
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