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Predator in Town - Page 13 - Forcibly cock-vore her - By bingpot - Overview
Your heart starts to beat faster and faster. ‘Is this real? Could it be that I really have these new abilities?’ you think. Adrenaline rushes through your veins as you walk closer to your mother. "W-what are you going Sam? You have a scary look on your face..." she says as you push her against the bedroom wall. You press your naked body against hers and grope her ass and breasts while she struggles to no avail. Your cock is harder than it's ever been and starts dripping precum all over the front of her skirt. Your mother moans and tries to push you away but you are huge compared to her.

"Oh my God. What's gotten into you Sam? This isn't right!"

“Like you said mom,” you reply with an evil grin on your face, “breakfast is ready."
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