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Predator in Town - Page 14 - Head first - By bingpot - Overview
Still pressing her against the wall, you grab her clothes and tear them off one by one revealing her perfect jiggling breasts and hairy pussy. She cries in fear but is too weak to resist. You grin and grab your mother by the back of her head and push her to her knees. She stares at your dripping, throbbing dick as you position the tip in front of her nose.

"Ready to become my cum mom?" you ask.

"What do you even mean by - - " she says but is interrupted by you roughly shoving her face inside the head of your cock. Your dick expands and sucks in her entire head. You feel immense pleasure as your kneeling mother realizes what's going on and starts struggling and screaming inside your cock. You grab her flailing arms and pin them down. You pull with all your might and suck in her big jiggling breasts. As her nipples rub against the inside of your meat tunnel you leak more pre out the tip of your cock, lubricating your mother's journey to her untimely death. She slides down your shaft, struggling all the way. With her upper body consumed by your cock, her huge ass and thighs are lifted off the ground leaving them to wave frantically while sticking out of your huge member. Now with gravity as your ally, she slides down the rest of the way, dropping down into your nuts.

At first she struggles frantically, but a combination of exhaustion and the digestion process sap her strength. Finally they stop and your ballsack smooths out, the gurgle of her swirling remains the only sound that marks your mother's death.

You're stroking your cock idly, wondering where you should spray your mother's worthless remains when you hear a sound at your door. It seems like the struggle attracted some attention.

Who's at the door?
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