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Predator in Town - Page 20 - Fuck her right in the pussy! - By bingpot - Overview
You grab her ample hips and bring your cock to the entrance of her pussy. You tease it, sliding your cock head up and down her dripping slit and rubbing it across her clit.


"What?" she responds, her tone shaky but confused.

"Beg for my fucking cock you worthless whore. Now!" you command, leaving yet another red handprint across her ass. She yelps and then lets out a whisper, "please..."

"Please what?" another spank.

"Please give me your cock..."


"P-please give me your cock," she says only slightly louder.

"I said louder, cunt!" You use more strength this time. Her ass will definitely have some bruises in the morning, if she even lives that long.

"PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR COCK!" she half-yells, half-moans.

"That's better," you say, and plunge your cock deep into your mother's pussy, ramming into her cervix. The intrusion is met with a deep moan, and you smile. "I knew it. You really are a whore, aren't you? I bet you've always wanted me to do this."

"N-no..." she stammers out, but how wet she is and how tight her pussy's wrapped around you tell you that your powers are doing their work in her mind.

"Admit it. Admit you've always wanted me to rape you." She's silent until you grab her hair and pull her head back sharply, which is met with a yelp. "Admit it, you fucking whore!"

"Y-yes! I've always wanted you to fuck me! I'm your fucking whore!" she moans. You grin. You knew your powers were good, but this was something else.

"That's right. You're MY whore. I fucking own you. You know what that makes you?"

"I'm your property...." she moans.

"You're my fucking slave. Say it!"

"I-I'm y-y-your slaaaAAAAAVE!!!" she screams as she cums around your cock.

"That's right you pathetic whore. And with a body like this, there's only one use for you." You pull her head back again, bringing your mouth close to her ear. "You're going to be my breeding slave. I'm gonna use you like a fucking sow for the rest of your life, and you're going to love every second of it. Now cum, you fucking pig."

"Yes, I'll be your breeding slave! Please breed me master!" she cries out, then lets out another long moan as she cums again. You can feel your own orgasm approaching, and as she spasms around your cock, you thrust as deep as you can and empty your balls straight into your mother's waiting womb.

Once you're done, you pull out and have her get on her knees to clean you off. "You like that? You like sucking your son's cum mixed with your pussy juice off of his cock?" She nods. "Good girl. Here's how this is going to work. I own you now. You will obey my every command, no matter what. Understand?" Another nod. "Good. I will do anything I want to you, and you will love every second of it, regardless of whether it's pain or pleasure I'm inflicting. Understand?" She pulls of your cock, now good and clean.

"Yes, Sam."

"Also, let's stick with 'master.' You may also call me sir. Any other name will be met with punishment."

"Yes, sir."

"Good. If I told you I wanted to breed you, what would you say?"

"I would make sure I was fertile as possible for you sir, and milk as much cum as I could to get pregnant as quickly as I could."

"Good. What if I told you I wanted to torture you, whether that be sexually or actual torture?"

"I would do my best to satisfy you, and hope my screams brought you pleasure, master."

"And if I told you I wanted to snuff you?" You're placing a lot of faith in your powers here, but they've yet to fail you.

"I would do my best to make sure my last moments brought you pleasure, sir," your mother answers obediently.

"Excellent. Now, answer me this: which of your daughters do you like best?"

"Allie, sir. Jenna's always been a bit of a brat. May I ask why, sir?"

"You may," you respond. "You see, you're going to call Jenna up to my room, then your going to help me stuff her into my balls."

"Your... balls? Why? How does that work, sir?" she asks with a puzzled look.

"Well, you see I have a special ability. My cock and balls can stretch to 'eat' someone, and once they're in my balls I can digest them into my cum. The process is always fatal. Now be a good girl and call Jenna up here so you can help me snuff your daughter."

"Of course, master. I'll be right back."

She puts on a robe and hurries out of the room. You sit back and smile, very pleased at how you were able to break your mother. You couldn't wait to churn your older sister.
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