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Predator in Town - Page 5 - Ask her to have sex with you - By bingpot - Overview
"Good girl," you say, admiring her naked form. "Actually, from now on, you should let me call you whatever I like, and the more degrading the name is, the more you'll like being called it," you tell her.

"Of course dear," she responds obediently.

"Good slut. And you will refer to me as master or sir from now on, understand? Now come over here and get on your knees," you command. Your heart is beating faster and faster, as you wonder how far you can push this.

"Yes sir." She walks over to you and sings down to her knees looking up at you.

"Very good. Now why don't you wrap those pretty lips around my cock, whore?" She nods and slowly reaches out to grab your cock. She leans in and starts at the base, running her tongue along the underside of your dick before reaching the head. She then eases the head of your cock into her mouth, and starts to suck you off. You place your hand on her head, encouraging her, your own head leaning back as you enjoy the feeling of your mother obediently sucking your cock.

How should you continue?
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