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Predator in Town - Page 9 - Ask to cock-vore her - By bingpot - Overview
"Hey mom?"

“Yes dear?"

"Could I um... could I cock vore you?" you ask, not entirely sure what would happen. At first she looked confused, but then says “Sure honey! Though I don’t really know what that means.”

You decide to see how much control you have. “Basically, I’d be sucking you into my cock and then into my balls, where I’d churn you into cum and then use your remains however I want.” you explain. She’s silent for a moment before speaking again.

“My remains? So... you want to kill me by turning me into cum?” At first you think you may have gone too far, but then she gives you a sweet smile, “Sure thing, honey. DO you need anything else before you churn me up?”
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