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Cocky Kingdom - Page 11 - Myotismon Invasion - By Foxy444 - Overview
"So... this is the real world huh?" You ask yourself as you perch in a tree and stare off at the nearby city. "Gotta say, not a bad place, good view, nice weather-"

"Mmmmph! Glrk! mphle!"

"And lots of tasty snacks for me to enjoy." You add the last part while glancing at your waist, where a lovely young brunette woman frantically struggled to get loose as her legs and waist were swallowed up by your massive dong.

She tried to call out for help, or maybe plead for her life, but all that could be heard was frantic gargling as you ravaged her throat with a second cock.

"Mmmmm, yeah, keep squirming... Mrs. Tachikawa, it feels great," You grunt out, pausing briefly to look at an id you took from the lady's purse before redoubling your thrusting. "Ive always wanted to try a milf you know, heard so many things about them over the years. Boy am I glad it was all true."

Sure you were supposed to be out looking for this eight child and all, but surely that could wait just a bit while you tried out some local 'delicasies'.

Gargling weakly in response, Mrs. Tachikawa's struggles slowly died down as she was slurped up further and further down.

"Aww, all out of fight already? Oh well," Thrusting one last time, you sigh in pleasure as you blow your load down her throat. Cum dribbled down her lips as she swallowed wave after wave of digital semen. "Hope you enjoyed your meal, cause now its time for mine."

Without further ado, the lady vanished into your cock, her form leaving a noticable bulge as it slid down inside your length and into your balls.

"Aaaaaah... delicious, and now for my favorite part."
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